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21st Century Academy
Gary Middle College
NGIN 7-12
GEO Academies GBR


Geo Prep Academy Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Mid-City Greater Baton Rouge
Geo Prep Baker A Geo Academy
Geo Next Generation High School Baton Rouge


“Through these doors walk college graduates” serves as a daily greeting to all GEO Academy students. We believe all children should have access to a quality education regardless of their race, income, and home zip code. Further, we believe access and experience in real college and career readiness programs is essential to prepare students for success beyond high school.

To actualize these beliefs, GEO has systematically built a student-centered, content-rich education model that delivers K-14 and K-16 results with K-12 dollars. By providing students an accelerated pathway to real college and career programs during high school, GEO Academies help thousands of families take the first steps to breaking the academic and psychological barriers prevalent in challenging communities across the country.

Our History

GEO Academies arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2013 at the invitation of the State. GEO Prep Academy opened its doors to 150 scholars K-3rd grade on Platt Drive in August 2015. With the success of GEO Prep Academy, GEO Academies proposed taking over a failing school that the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education had voted to close.

GEO Academies opened GEO Prep Mid-City Academy on Lobdell Boulevard, a K-8 Charter school, in August of 2017.GEO Prep Mid-City Academy quickly proved the GEO model garners success. The GEO model blends the right curriculum with systematic progress monitoring that is strengthened through the consistent professional development of staff and teachers. As a result, GEO Prep Mid-City was recognized in 2018 by the Louisiana Department of Education as a Top Gains School, taking the former failing school from an F to a C within one year. But, it doesn’t stop there. GEO Prep Mid-City earned recognition as a Top Gains school again in 2020.

GEO Next Generation High School opened its doors in the fall of 2019 with a high-tech, new construction building.  This brings the GEO model that was first established in Gary, Indiana, full circle – where All Roads Lead To College.

GEO Prep Baker opened in the fall of 2022 with K-1st grade, bringing the GEO Academies' model to the Baker community.   We will add a grade level each year until we reach K-12.

GEO Academies was established in 1998 in Indianapolis, Indiana as a non-profit organization to shine a spotlight on education reform. GEO opened 21st Century Charter School in 2005 and since that day, has grown to 8 charter schools on 11 campuses, over 3500 students, 80% and higher retention rates, and 90% graduation rate.  21st Century Charter High School has 88.4% rating in college and career readiness rating.  Since opening, 21st Century School has had 2 students graduate from High School with a full bachelor’s degree, 42 with associate degrees, 28 with Professional Technical Certificates and many, many more graduated with a career certification in the career of their choice.

GEO Academies Believes with Greater Education Opportunities, there is no limit on how far a student can go with their education.